The Stanford Prison Experiment

Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist at stanford university in 1971 – also, a former classmate of the psychologist Stanley Milgram. Milgram being best known for his famous obedience experiment and Zimbardo wanted to expand upon this and further the investigation to the impact of situational variables on human behavior.

The researchers wanted to know how the participants would react when placed in a simulated prison environment.

The researchers wondered if physically and psychologically healthy people who knew they were participating in an experiment would change their behavior in a prison-like setting and boy did they.

Why is this experiment so pertinent to our lives now?

Well, in order to get the general population in the United States to agree to surrendering their firearms and give up their rights, the New World Order is retaining psychiatrists to fabricate new mental health diseases, using crisis actors to fabricate situations and hoaxes that convince people that it is in their best interests to peacefully give up their firearms and freedoms. They are also using these crimes to pass executive actions , most often under the shroud of “public safety” is used to justify their actions.

Covid to abortions, this is exactly what you are witnessing. We are literally imprisoning ourselves. Listen carefully at about the 5:30 mark where one of the people in the experiment describes what he saw the experiment really as. This is what you are witnessing in the world.