The Team


Founder | Station Manager | Host

I am the manager and host of, I pretty much do everything around here with the help of my trusty sidekicks. A few fun facts about me: I love the US Constitution, I believe that access to secure and private software should be a basic human right.

Everyone around here calls me Blackbeard but if you look closely enough, it’s more of a greyish/black-beard.

Finally, there has yet to be a piece of software built that I can’t break somehow, somewhere.



R.I.P. 2024 The ‘Best Boy’

There isn’t much I can say about this dog other than he was the most amazing dog on the planet. Samson went all over the Continental US, most of Canada and parts of Mexico with me in our time together. We’ve driven across the US together I believe 11 maybe 12 times.

He is the gentlest giant you will every meet and words can not describe how much I love this dog.

Fun Fact: Both our beards started to go grey at about the same time.


Resident Ninja

If I didn’t show people pictures of Calypso they wouldn’t believe that she actually exists.

This is such an amazing cat and is unlike any animal I’ve ever met. She goes out with the dogs every morning and she just hangs with them in the yard till it’s time to go back in.

Fun Fact: Calypso has made the cross country trek twice with Samson and myself and was absolutely terrible the entire time.


The Machine

There was no question whether Ripley was going to be a part of the clan the day I brought her home. This is without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever met and is also one of the most athletic animals to walk this fine earth.

This dog catches everything, but don’t let her see a Frisbee, she has an addiction that can not be cured.

Fun Fact: Whatever door I leave the house from, this dog will not move from that spot until I return home.


It’s just Munchy

What can I say about this little mf’er. Originally named Tiberius, (to keep with the badass names for my animal collective) but he never responded to it.

This cat is not afraid of anything and is lightning fast. I’m honestly afraid to let him outside with the other animals in fear he would kill every animal in neighborhood.

Fun Fact: For some reason he decided that it’s now OK to howl at the top of his lungs between 2-4 am, every day.


The Baby

When Samson passed it left a big hole in my heart, but even more so, Ripley and Calypso. Simple answer was to replace, he who could not be replaced.

This pup only loves me, which as a guy is pretty awesome. While Ripley whores herself out to whomever will throw the frisbee, this dog just sticks by my side.

Fun Fact: I forgot how terrible having a puppy is and how unprepared I really was the day I brought him home. Also, Munchy freaking hates this little guy.