The Run


​About: Kai Engel:

Name: Anton Stanislavovich Fedchenkov

Born: 04 September 1992

​I’m a media music composer, known for many works in cinema, advertising, and video games.

​Main genres: Contemporary Classical, Classical Crossover, Ambient, IDM, Trip-Hop.

Attention! Since Russia attacked Ukraine I’m not able to receive money to my Russian accounts.

I cannot stop this invasion or affect situation with my accounts. I just want to reunite with my wife (she is Ukrainian) and to continue my music work.

I’ve started preparing immigration out of Russia. If you’d like to help by donation, you can do so here:

or in crypto:

BTC: bc1q7l45fk9gwhn9rxfy3vr4vh5uh22vv4x3tdykw8

ETH: 0xaDA7690061AB477B7ae6282A11107e4a499FAb97