I’ve been in the software space for nearly two decades and I believe that it is a travesty the direction the development community has headed in. We live in a day in age when we have the Library of Alexandria at our fingertips and people are consumed by the latest propaganda or the next scroll on their feed.

Humanity is on an accelerated pace to a technocratic dictatorship and the tools that could connect and free us all are about to become our own prisons. I aim to change this.

If the evil in this world was actually in the majority, then they wouldn’t need the propaganda.

It’s time to wake up.

We are free and enlightened beings and it’s time we started acting it.

Why is this all free?

I’ll admit a lot of people ask me this question and wonder why I spend my time and my money on a project that I don’t charge for or make any money from? I use a lot of these assets in my projects for various clients and in turn, have amassed this massive collections of open source digital assets.

It’s not just because money isn’t the object of life, I need it and so do you, but there is something much bigger here that I realized one day. If I don’t do it, then who will?

Right now we are being flooded with propaganda from all sides of the aisle and I felt that putting together a highly organized, easy to access digital archive is now more important than ever. Lawless.fm gives content creators the assets they need to keep making content to expose the truth.

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