Evidence Of Revision

Editor's Notes This is a must watch documentary and should be required viewing material for all students prior to entering the real world.

The Mystery Man Behind Evidence Of Revision

Since its release in 2006, Evidence of Revision has become recognized as the definitive video account of the JFK assassination. Clocking in at over eight hours on five discs, this epic documentary covers not only the events in Dallas on November 22, 1963, but also the Robert Kennedy assassination, the Jonestown massacre, and the horrors of CIA covert MK-ULTRA mind-control programs.

A subsequent production, Evidence of Revision 6, examines serious inconsistencies in the Martin Luther King murder.

Still, despite widespread acclaim, viewers in conspiracy circles and aficionados of this subject still have one question: who made Evidence of Revision? The boxed set case gives absolutely no clue as to the creator of the film, nor does any of the footage. The closing credits simply list “Etymon Productions,” while elsewhere the audience is informed, “History may be revised even as it is being written.”

This mystery compelled me to begin a search one day in June 2006 after a cardboard box arrived in my post office box. Inside was a generic DVD case with no label, markings, or documentation. I was about to discard the packaging when a tiny slip of paper fell out containing only an anonymous email address. A week or so later I watched Evidence of Revision, and after being overwhelmed by the material I decided to contact this enigmatic individual.

Summary by Victor Thorn