April 21

The Arrogance project is a number of tracks created and released within a month. These will frequently be topical and opinionated (hence the name) or may just be what was felt at the time. The nature these tracks will be a diary of sorts of the world at that moment in time.

So for context, 2020 was the first full year of COVID, the year Trump completed his first term, kicking and screaming on the way out, and the UK left the EU. Incoming is Crytocurrancy meaning rich folk avoid even more tax but hitting a brick wall with the energy needs to mine it. We have a current brick wall on batteries due to mineral and instability which may be solved by solid state. We have a new space race but this time its commercial, not national, and tied to diminishing resources.

China is expected to become the new leader of the world. Saudi is changing footing to green to remain relevant in the next 10 years. USA’s younger generation are far less religious than their parents which means the Republicans will need to change their marketing strategy. Everything is spinning so quickly it’s very likely causing a huge acceleration in peoples in tech based society’s inability to cope mentally. Facebook is in decline, but enough data is now online to ensure that people are going to be getting manipulated for years until they either wise up or stop caring at all. But… if people suddenly start acting differently (ie grow up) then maybe it’ll be more Star Trek and less Blade Runner.

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