To help navigate not only the site but also my understanding (which this is by no means legal advice) of what you can and can’t do with some of the music, video’s, etc…I’ve listed out some commonly asked FAQ’s I get.

What is Lawless.fm?

Lawless.fm is an Open Source Radio, however people get confused due to the fact that I have my own digital archive website which is the front-end of Lawless.fm. This website where you are reading these FAQ’s is where I catalogue the commercial music I’ve uploaded to the radio station, stream music from other radio stations that I think you will like and more.

I also have uploaded all non-commercially use music/videos/podcasts/audiobooks/other digital archives I’ve collected over my years. I can’t really describe how much information this is, but it’s an insane amount of data, not too mention all the user submissions I am getting.

Is this website open source like the radio?

No, not yet but it will be.

Currently this website is in beta and I built it on WordPress but this is not sustainable in my opinion for an open source initiative, even though WordPress itself is opensource.

My plan is to finish loading my archives so the database and all the relevant information will be properly structured within the database and I estimate that I have another 3 months of loading at the pace I’m currently at. It’s hard to explain how much work this really is, but it pretty much consumes the entire part of my day.

How is this site funded?

I fund the cost of Lawless.fm personally and I do not get paid by any government, corporation or any other entity to maintain this site. I am doing this because I believe it’s imperative to give people a real platform of free speech (Lawless Radio) and the ability to access content that they can use without violating some creators rights.

Where did the content come from?

Being this is what I do for a living, (i.e. build website, software, graphic design/video for people and companies) I’ve amassed a massive collection of digital assets I’ve collected for use in my projects.

I’ve also included things I’ve personally collected over the years as they are all disappearing from the internet and it’s imperative, regardless if you agree or disagree with a topic that we never silence one side of the discussion.

What can I do with the content?

Depending on the license that is associated with the license, you can do pretty much anything with it.

Where do I find the license for the content?

For everything I’ve uploaded I’ve also included a link to the relevant license which will explain what you can do and can’t do with the material you are downloading. MAKE SURE TO READ THIS INFORMATION if you plan on using any of this material for commercial purposes.