The Art of Conversation: Twelve Golden Rules

Editor's Notes In the current state of the world, I think everyone should be forced to listen to this reading, we could all learn a lot - and it's entertaining.

Many of us find it challenging to speak to other people, for various reasons. Some of us are afraid of being called a bore. Others are worried that we will be accused of hogging attention. Many of us simply don’t know what to talk about. This book is an entertaining and enlightening manual that may be able to help. Through a series of twelve dialogues between a man and a woman, we are introduced to twelve “golden rules” that will help us navigate the waters of interpersonal communication.

(Summary by Devorah Allen)

He: Read by KevinS
She: Read by Devorah Allen

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Family & Relationships, Self-Help

Language: English