Music for Video


Los Angeles, CA

Alan Scarpa (vocals/guitar/harmonica)
David Pavluk (vocals/guitar/piano)

The New Valleys are poised to rejuvenate what we love about Americana and they’ve decided to do it the hard way. The duo, Alan Scarpa (vocals/guitar/harmonica) and David Pavluk (vocals/guitar/piano), didn’t want their introduction to the world to be in the form of one song or the ever-popular EP. They decided to do a 12 song, full-length album aptly titled, “Middle of Nowhere”. There weren’t expensive computers, “hit making” producers, or air conditioners in the studio. In fact, instead of a recording studio, they used their studio apartment. Armed with only a few choice instruments, they plugged in their microphone and got to work self producing and recording their inaugural full-length..

The debut single, “Run Away”, was released alongside a self-directed music video on 4/24/15. The song bleeds independence and authenticity from the moment the track starts until the harmonica blows its final notes. The complex harmonies of David and Alan dance with eachother in a way that brings you back to fonder times when artistry ruled the land of rock n’ roll.

The pair of musicians grew up on the east coast in their home states of New Jersey and Virginia only to eventually join forces in Los Angeles, California in May, 2014. They both wanted to create something that could stand up on its own and be listened to years down the road regardless of the current music fad. After some Craigslist hunting, the pair got a studio apartment on the fringe of the city for the sole purpose of writing and recording. The set up was “cozy” to say the least; David slept in the closet, Alan slept on a thrift store futon, and the recording took place in the remaining 300 square feet. The 6 month journey down the arduous road was fueled by pizza, beer, and uncertainty. Would the world be excited about an honest, heartfelt album created by two artists recording in their living room?

With the release of “Middle of Nowhere”, they’ll be one step closer to knowing. Stream it now at: