Radio Free Americana

Radio Free Americana delivers 24×7 independent free-form internet radio from our studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our primary focus is to feature new releases (including new re-issues). To this end, we scour the globe to bring you our favorite new music, updating our rotation daily. We also draw from a deep back catalog for your listening pleasure.

Our commercial-free programming reflects our diverse musical interests, eschewing categories/genres in favor of having a richer, fuller, and more robust musical experience. RFA’s programming includes Americana, Power Pop, Roots Rock ‘n Roll, Jangle Pop, Pub Rock, Cosmic Country, R&B, Hillbilly, Indie Rock, Blues, Countrypolitan, Soul, Garage, Alt. Country, Punk, Old-Time, Jazz, Folk, Rockabilly, Psychedelia, Bluegrass, Outsider, and more (or less); although, we’re not exactly sure what any of those terms mean. It’s all pop music to us. Enjoy Radio Free Americana, where twang meets pop!