Owl Time

ALBUM CURATOR: FrostClick RELEASED: 2012-12-12 GENRE: Hip-Hop ARTIST CURATORS: ccCommunity, Music for Video, FrostClick WEBSITE: https://www.kelleemaize.com LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA MEMBERS: Kellee Maize Something new is coming on an energetic level. I hope it happens soon so that my poor belly can settle. I know it sounds obtrusive you say jesus, kellee, don’t meddle. But let me in your brain and see if i press the right pedal. Thanks for poppin in my cd, grab a teabag, get the kettle. Or shake your little booty, every hansel grab a grettle. Open up just like a flower, show the inside, drop the pedal If i could give a prize, i would, you’d get an “open minded medal”

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