Like Tetanus In A Wound

A 4-Song EP by pop music cult Hussalonia. These songs have been released without an enforced copyright, as if they were public domain. You are free to sample, distribute, cover, or use these songs in any private or commercial endeavor as you wish.

You cannot, however, claim copyright ownership of these songs. Visit the Hussalonia website for more information:

Notes: United States Copyright Law states that the work of the Hussalonia founder will fall into the public domain 70 years after his death.The founder does not want you to wait that long.

Though it is not legally possible, this EP is being released as if it were public domain. You are free to copy, distribute, sample and/or create derivative works. The Hussalonia founder waives his right to royalties, effectively making these works ideal for use in film, television, video and/or any other commercial application. You cannot, however, file a copyright on these works or otherwise claim ownership of these songs.

John Lennon once said, “Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think they own it.”That didn’t stop him from cashing his royalty checks.Included in the zip file is an easy-to-assemble slip cover for your burned CD. All you need is a printer, scissors and glue. Also included is a song booklet with the full lyrics and guitar chords for those of you who wish to record your own version of the Public Domain EP.

If you wish to download these files separately, they located under “other files” near the bottom of the page. You are the public, these are your songs.

Visit for more information about other Hussalonia releases.