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Band Background Stuff

Quietman and Laughing Gear formed Eaters after their previous band imploded into a mess of disharmony and a bitter taste. Neighborhood friends brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 80’s, it was a far stretch from the streets of New York but hip hop was the order of the day – RUN DMC, Fat Boys, Eric B and Rakim, De La, Jungle, Tribe, Digital Underground, Newcleus, Skooly D, Gangstarr, etc. So that love coupled with the core Hip Hop principle to be Fresh was the foundation.

Both rappers initially they have various practice bands leading to, The Pesky Varmints, had released a 12″ in 1997 called Super Human Colosseum. Laughing Gear spent a few months in New York, getting on stage at Nuyorican Poets Cafe during a Bragging Rite night. A few more gigs and supporting slots for bands like J5 and then The Pesky Varmints stopped.

So, Eaters was formed. Quietman and Laughing Gear were mostly rappers but dabbled in production but needed some new blood and musical input – so Tuck Pendleton was brought in. Tuck is a music head in general with a love for hip hop. He and Laughing Gear met doing an admin job in the local brewery and clicked over tunes. Over the next couple of years the three members worked on the first album – Digest.

At the same time Quietman has been expanding his production skills, working on a side project based on the old Electro style music of Planet Rock, Newleus and Egyptian Lover. It needed vocals so Laughing Gear put put down some suitably daft lyrics under the name ‘Captain Moonshooter’ in keeping the original style complete with awful American accent. These tunes ended up becoming the second album – Optimum.

Not happy with one side project, Quietman also produced the first Watchmaker album – Co-Axial Escapement. During this time there was a bit of an ongoing email conversation going on with Sage Francis resulting in a tiny contribution from Tuck to the Human the Death Dance album, and one of the Watchmaker unused tunes being used on High Step Demo released on the Sick to D(eat)h album.

During this time the band was missing a key element of hip hip – a scratch DJ. Kimo from another local band, Pen Pushers, thankfully stepped up with some ace cuts for Digest. Quietman added some basic cuts to Optimum which worked for the music. However, for the third album – Wives – Dopamean Jim joined the crew together with Edinburgh legend – DJ Eh-One.

By the time Wives was release the band had learned a lot and took a step forward on quality starting with remixing a few older tunes on Bite Marks ep, and then Shouting at the Wind. Shouting… was a personal project by Laughing Gear – a truthful and honest album with some truely excellent beats from Tuck and co-production from Watchmaker. The album was chosen as best album of the year by Weaponizer magazine.

The next two albums were back to back instrumental journeys from Tuck. An Evening With… was dense and complex beats layered with vocal samples to create a set of tracks good for dancing, for chilling and for thinking. The second album – Simian Samba – is straight Latin dopeness. Cuts at this stage came from another Edinburgh head – Bryan Jones (Pen Pushers)

In parallel to Simian Samba, Eaters were working on the next full band release – All Eyes and Teeth. A continuation of sorts from the style of Shouting at the Wind, but more head nodding. Critically, this introduce the final member to the line up – rapper Obselite. Another ex Pen Pusher and old friend who had lost touch, Laughing Gear asked him to feature on a couple of tracks – Rappers Go Home and Do Not Feed. By the time he had finished recording it was apparent they needed to do more together which lead to The Astronomers Office (2019 – released on vinyl) and Language Factory (2021)

However, at time of writing the latest release loaded to FMA is A Council of One – Watchmakers follow up to Co-Axial Escapement. A beautiful set of tracks displaying Watchmakers skills in producing electronic instrumentals with a hip hop heart.


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