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Beruit, Israel blows up port

Beruit: Israel blew up port?

“Either it was a missile strike from a drone – and people including myself heard the sound of an aircraft – or it was an act of sabotage, and some agent planted an explosive,” he claimed.

“ An impact which can be characterized as a war crime,” he added.
{Lebanese Retired Brigadier General Maroun Hitti}
Asia Times

Lebanon ex-interior minister: Israel blew up port

Nohad Machnouk is the first senior Lebanese politician to openly blame the Zionist Apartheid state:

Israel was “clearly” responsible for the explosion that shattered Beirut on August 4, killing more than 170 people, wounding thousands and destroying swaths of the city, Lebanese former interior minister Nohad Machnouk told a press conference Wednesday.

“This operation in Beirut was carried out by Israel in a clear and explicit manner,” Machnouk said, adding: “It is clear we are looking at a crime against humanity, and therefore no one dares to claim responsibility for it.”
Ex Interior Minister says Israel blew up the port

The mysterious Beirut video with English subtitles.

CC tv of pedestrians watching F 16s descend over Beirut harbor.

Seismic data suggests string of blasts preceded Beirut explosion – Israeli analyst
Seismic Data shows a different story

Palestinians march in solidarity with the victims of Beirut blast
Palestinians march in solidarity

FBI to join Beirut explosion investigation, says US diplomat
FBI to help in the investigation