Bad Dream (feat. Alina Goltsova)

Artist: A Bit Advanced Music
Album: Gatekeeper
Country: Russia
Style: Trip-Hop, Electronic
Format: mp-3, 320 kbps
Label: Cuntroll
Catalog#: 127Date: 2018Time: 07:57
minSize: 18 mb
1. Gatekeeper (feat. Alina Goltsova) (3:24)
2. Bad Dream (feat. Alina Goltsova) (2:52)
3. Dormant Volcano (1:40)A year after the release of the album “Blues Inside”

Voronezh band A Bit Advanced Music releases an addition called “Gatekeeper”. A small release recorded with the participation of vocalist Alina Goltsova and tells that it is impossible to forget: parting and fleeting joyful meeting. This music is about disturbing dreams that remind us of significant events in life, ice in the heart and love.

Vocal: Alina Goltsova (1,2), Pavel “Pahaus” Karmazin (2,3)
Concept, music & lyrics: Pavel “Pahaus” KarmazinMastering: Dmitriy Voloshin (“LES” Rec: https://vk.com/lesproducts)
Cover: Alina GoltsovaGoltsova)